UAE shipping firm announces record load onboard vessel

vessel loaded

United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) announced last week a record breaking load of 18,601 TEUs onboard MV Al Muraykh, one of the world’s three greenest vessels currently operated by UASC.

The ultra-large container vessel departed from Port Klang in Malaysia is bound for Felixstowe - UK – as part of AEC1 service carrying 18,601 TEUs. The vessel will be sailing for two weeks. This unprecedented westbound shipment is also UASC’s highest utilisation to-date of this very eco-efficient class, meaning the CO2 output per TEU on this journey is set to be more than 60% lower if the same containers were shipped on board a 13,500 TEU ship.

Containers on board were loaded by UASC and its partners in the Ocean Three alliance.

MV Al Muraykh was delivered in August 2015; the same vessel was celebrated across different Asian and European ports while on its maiden voyage earlier this year.

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