Knud E. Hansen to design a new domestic ferry for Faroe Islands

knud hansen ferry

Knud E. Hansen is to design a new domestic ferry that will operate between Nólsoy and Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands.

Designed to replace the existing 40m ro-pax ferry, the double-hull newbuild will be able to carry up to 170 passengers in the summer period and up to 12 cars, or two trucks and up to six cars.

The 35m newbuild will be powered by a hybrid diesel electric/battery power pack with thrusters or a Voigt Schneider propulsion system, and has also been fitted with a heat recovery system. This will enable it to sail roundtrip from Nólsoy and Tórshavn solely on battery power.

Knud E. Hansen will be responsible for all aspects of concept and tender design including the technical specifications, preliminary hull lines and stability, preliminary structural design and producing the drawings for the mechanical and HVAC systems.

This is the third ship Knud E. Hansen has designed for the Nólsoy to Tórshavn route. It also designed ferries – both named Ritan – that were built in 1949 and 1971.


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