Logistician of the Year Award win for Grimaldi at the Automotive Global Awards

1 Logistician of the Year BALDISSARA

The Grimaldi Group’s Costantino Baldissara was rewarded for his service when he won the coveted Logistician of the Year Award at the fifth Automotive Global Awards for Supply Chain. Held in the majestic surroundings of Claridge’s Hotel, London with top automotive industry guests in attendance, Baldissara was announced as winner of this category for his exceptional commitment in overseeing Grimaldi Group’s services across a global platform.

He started working for Grimaldi Group in 1992 and has a vast experience in the logistics and vessels operations industry. He, and is also directly responsible for the overall commercial activities for the Grimaldi Group as their Commercial, Logistics and Operations Director. In addition he supervises several departments that deal with issues such as lines, damage prevention, external relations and research. He has been CEO of Grimaldi & Suardiaz S.p.a. and board member of Trive Spain and Portugal, while he is currently Chairman of SAL, Scandinavian Auto Logistics (Denmark), Chairman of Automar SpA, Chairman of Ghianda Srl, Deputy Chairman of PET (Palermo Euro Terminal), Deputy Chairman of Auto Terminal Gioia Tauro SpA, CEO of Sintermar SpA, CEO of COIFI srl, Board Member of Autuori Srl, Board Member of Brucato Deta Srl, and board member of SAT- Salerno Auto Terminal.

Notably, he is also Co-Chairman of the General Motors Europe Logistics Supplier Council, and has been member of General Motors Global Logistics Council. He is Past President of the Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG) and oversaw one of the most challenging times for the finished vehicle carrier industry and automotive sector as a whole. “‘To have success, you must believe in what you are doing. You should be patient, you should work with a team, and then everything is much easier when you put it all together. When you work for a great brand like Grimaldi, it is easier to succeed. In the future, we will continue to meet the expectations of our clients and our owners. Everyday is new, there is always something more that we can do, and working like this is the only way to achieve the trust of our clients,”’ said Baldissara.
Top executives gathered to represent the automotive industry at this black tie event with the sole purpose of acknowledging superb performance for each winner and nominee.

Amidst the art-deco splendour of one of London’s finest hotels, the Awards delivered their promise of fine food, great entertainment and opulent surroundings, yet the purpose of the Awards held fast throughout: that every guest left feeling renewed with positivity for the industry about which they are passionate.
Baldissara was one of 18 companies and individuals rewarded for having achieved the unachievable or for having pioneered a new way of thinking or working.

“A lot has happened in the past year – we have seen many developments and innovations in the automotive world, major advances in autonomous and electric vehicle development, faster, lighter, more efficient vehicles, leaner and greener production platforms and advancements in materials and supply chain innovation have assured continued growth in a global market. These awards are all about celebrating that innovation and growth across the whole industry by encouraging and developing individuals through creativity of ideas, through adaptation and flexibility, through planning and pioneering new ways, new thoughts and new ideas,” said awards host, motorsport journalist, Amanda Stretton.

Peter Wooding, CEO of Three6Zero who organised the Awards said, “I see and speak to many people in the course of my job, and I can honestly say that this industry is tough and has many challenges. So many deserve recognition for what they do and so I am delighted that we have brought together a truly outstanding group of individuals for these annual celebrations and were able to recognise some of the best performers in automotive’s global supply chain.”

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