International Sea Tourism Festival in Rhodes: "Go Blue - Go Green - Go Smart"

The International Sea Tourism Festival (ISTF) is taking place this year in Rhodes under the theme "Go Blue - Go Green - Go Smart", and it is established as the biggest celebration of maritime tourism in Greece from October 25th to October 28th, 2024. The purpose of the festival is to showcase Greece as a top destination for maritime tourism in the Mediterranean and to strengthen relationships with countries in the region. The goal is to continue being an institution and to promote maritime tourism in all its forms in the coming years.

The benefits for the country are manifold, as maritime tourism is on a steady growth path and the audience choosing it is steadily increasing.

Through the participation of yachting companies, cruise lines, sailing, diving, water sports, and premium global brands, the South Aegean takes center stage in maritime tourism, attracting tourists worthy of Greek expectations. At the same time, the event encourages the development of new services and the creation of new job positions. The parallel happenings and the Open-Air Seminar focusing on the blue economy, green transition and development, as well as smart technological applications, are expected to steal the show this year.

For more information on participation as exhibitors
or sponsors please contact the organizing company
Telephone: +30 2241 400659


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