PPA SA: Participation at the SeaTrade Europe cruise exhibition in Hamburg

Big increase in cruise traffic

PPA SA promoted the Greek port cruise industry at the prestigious European exhibition for cruises, "Seatrade Europe, Cruise & River Cruise Convention 2023" held in Hamburg from September 6th to 8th this year, as exhibitor with its own pavilion.

SeaTrade Europe stands out as one of the most influential exhibitions in the cruise industry. This prestigious event attracts industry leaders from around the globe fostering the exchange of ideas and facilitating discussions on the latest trends and developments in the cruise sector. The focus revolves around innovation, excellence, and sustainability particularly in relation to port operations.

PPA SA, with the participation of its experienced cruise executives and a specially designed exhibition space, showcased at the exhibition the top level cruise port services offered at the Port of Piraeus. The company demonstrated its extensive expertise and actively engaged in discussions on crucial industry issues, with a focus on continuous development of services while prioritizing environmental concerns, future sustainability and the young generation. During the exhibition, PPA SA highlighted its customer-centric approach and cutting edge cruise terminal solutions at the Port of Piraeus, specifically designed to improve customer service at all levels. The company emphasized its commitment to sustainable cruise practices, already implemented to minimize environmental impacts and promote responsible tourism. Furthermore, PPA SA underscored the significance of strategic and innovative collaborations with leading cruise companies, associations and other institutions. The company emphasized the vital role of the global cruise network in connecting lines and facilitating seamless passenger traveling on a global scale. It is noted that at the beginning of the year PPA S.A. honored by the Ministry of Tourism for contribution to the country’s tourism through its high performance in the cruise industry.

Thanks to the successful implementation of PPA’s strategy, Piraeus has emerged as one of the leading cruise ports in the Mediterranean. It is worth noting the remarkable growth achieved in the period January - August of 2023, with an impressive 85% increase in the total number of cruise passengers compared to 2022. In 2023 the Port of Piraeus welcomed 928,357 passengers, compared to 500,905 in the previous year. Notably, homeporting played a significant role in this growth, with 78% of the ships and 55% of the passengers starting their cruises from Piraeus. The number of arrivals also recorded a notable increase of 14%, reaching 478 in 2023 compared to 419 in 2022.

The management of PPA SA maintains its unwavering commitment to the Port of Piraeus strategy and plan, while staying true to the company’s vision and driving forward innovation and sustainability in the cruise business and national tourism industry.


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