Setel Hellas’ SeeMBox-V MRV Solution independently certified by Verifavia

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Digital platform confirmed to provide transparent and accurate support for MRV data collection

Verifavia, the world’s leading emissions verification company for the transport sector, has fully certified maritime information and communication technology (ICT) solutions provider Setel Hellas’ SeeMBox-V MRV Solution against the EU Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation requirements.

Shipping companies operating in the European Union (EU) have until 2017 to prepare plans to monitor and report their carbon emissions that will see the European Union (EU) collect and make publicly available data for over 10,000 vessels visiting EU ports.Designed to assist shipping companies in complying with the Regulation by aggregating data, the SeeMBox-V MRV Solution has been independently verified in terms of process and functionality.

The Regulation specifies four acceptable fuel consumption monitoring methodologies; bunker fuel delivery note (BDN) and periodic stock-takes of fuel tanks; bunker fuel tank monitoring on board; flow meters for applicable combustion processes and direct emissions measurements. The SeeMBox-V MRV Solutionis compliant with all four methods, enabling shipowners to monitor all vessel types within the fleet with a single integrated tool. It accommodates both manual and online data entry to monitor operational data per voyage, conduct data quality checks and validations, and generate annual reports on a per vessel basis.

Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping, commented:

“Our team of verification experts conducted a thorough review of the SeeMBox-V MRV Solution against the requirements of the Regulation 2015/757 'Shipping MRV' in terms of process and functionality. As part of the certification, we used the ISO standards 25051 on software engineering and 17065 on product certification. We were impressed by the quality and robustness of the SeeMBox-V MRV Solution and believe that it will provide transparent and accurate support to shipping companies in complying with the EU Shipping MRV Regulation.”


MRV Regulation and the collection of CO2 data for over 10,000 ships represent a significant challenge for the shipping industry. New and innovative ICT solutions are emerging for auditing purposes, but it is essential that they are fully certified to supportmonitoring and reporting that satisfies compliance requirements.

George Marinakis, Managing Director, SetelHellas, commented:

“Early MRV certification from experienced, independent verifier Verifavia Shipping is testament to our technology leadership position. We are committed to digital innovation and helping our customers to cope efficiently withthe challenges of today, while also effectively preparing them to manage those that lie ahead. Our SeeMBox-V MRV Solutionis a fantastic example of this, optimising fleet-wide reporting for compliance while minimising effort, resource and costs.”

The certification been conducted against the requirements of Regulation 2015/757 and the ISO 17065 standard. Europe’s MRV regulation was adopted last year. It creates a EU-wide legal framework for the monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions from maritime transport. The regulations mean that, from 2018 onwards, ships over 5,000 gross tonnage calling at EU ports must collect and publish verified annual data on CO2 emissions.They will also be required to carry a document of compliance issued by an accredited MRV verifier.

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