Posidonia 2016 "Save Food Initiative"

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Launched in 2014, the Posidonia "Save Food Initiative" invites exhibitors and members of the international shipping community to donate any left-over food or non-alcoholic beverages from corporate events during Posidonia week for a good cause.

In cooperation with Boroume, a non-profit food rescue organisation, Posidonia participants who organise an event during Posidonia (business dinner or reception, conference or seminar, at the exhibition centre or outside the exhibition premises) are encouraged to join the "Save Food Initiative" and make sure that any left-over food is delivered to organisations, municipalities, shelters and other recipients who will distribute it according to their needs. During Posidonia 2014 more than 1.500 portions of food were saved and donated to 11 welfare organisations all over Attica.

Boroume is a non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing food waste in Greece through connecting food donations of surplus food with welfare charities, educational programs and awareness campaigns among other programs. Since the beginning of its operation in 2011, more than 5,5 million meals have been saved and off¬ered all over Greece and now more than 14.000 meals are being donated on average every day. Boroume has been supported by Greek foundations such as Stavros Niarchos, Ioannis Latsis, Bodossaki, NGO Vapori, NGO Limani as well as ones based abroad such as The Hellenic Initiative and Greek America Foundation.

Without collecting, storing or distributing food themselves, Boroume simply finds the most suitable food aid program - in terms of need and location - and coordinates the food collection by the recipient welfare organisation, hence minimizing the e¬ffort of the donor to a single phone call.

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