PPA SA: Top priority the environmental protection

Ports constitute the main trade axe worldwide, therefore they should implement the principles of sustainable development, demonstrating great concern on the protection of the environment, since environmental protection is in direct link with cost-effectiveness and development regarding any activity.

PPA SA, being a leader in the Mediterranean area and having a beneficial geographical position in Europe, is in continuous development, according to the principles of sustainability and environmental protection.

PPA SA has elaborated and implements an Environmental Policy, considering the European and National Environmental Legislation, as well as the International Environmental Regulations, whilst it has designed a specific mechanism for the evaluation of the environmental performance of the port activities. PPA SA wishes to go further to a more advanced level of organization and environmental management, by means of the following actions:

  • Environmental Management Standard
  • Environmental Quality monitoring programs
  • Ship-generated Waste Management Plan
  • Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response Contingency Plan

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