Commencement of the merger process between ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A. AND ANEK S.A.

"ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A.", further to the announcement made on 23.9.2022 regarding the formal execution of the agreement between the Company on the one part and the largest shareholders and creditors of "ANEK S.A.” on the other, concerning the merger through absorption of ANEK by the Company, announces that the Board of Directors of ATTICA decided today, 26.9.2022, the commencement of the process of merger through absorption of ANEK by ATTICA, in accordance with the provisions of Law 4601/2019, Law 4548/2018 and other applicable legislation. The 31st of December 2021 was set as transformation date.

The Company was informed that a corresponding decision was taken by the Board of Directors of ANEK.

The merger is subject to the usual on such cases conditions and approvals of the competent corporate bodies, as well as of the Competition Commission.

UBS Europe SE served as financial advisor to Attica on the above mentioned agreement.


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