IMO seeks pilot countries to take part in underwater noise project

IMO is seeking Lead Pilot Countries (LPCs) to participate in the upcoming GloNoise Partnership project, which aims to address the issue of underwater noise from shipping.

The project is currently in a preparatory phase and is expected to launch in mid-2023, subject to approval and funding by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

If approved, the project is expected to receive $2 million in funding under the GEF International Waters focal area, and will be executed by IMO over a period of two years.

The GloNoise Partnership will focus on building capacity in developing countries to implement the ‘Guidelines for the reduction of underwater noise from commercial shipping to address adverse impacts on marine life’.

IMO will prioritize selection of developing countries to become LPCs and is hoping to achieve a balanced global geographical distribution. LPCs will be expected to take a championing role in their respective regions.

The deadline for expressions of interest to become an LPC is 16 October 2022.

*Underwater noise deriving from human activity, produces sounds that interfere with the ability of marine animals to hear the natural sounds in the ocean, concluding on a major and often deadly menace to ocean wildlife.