Posidonia week is back at full steam

The Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition will be held from June 6-10 at the Athens’ Metropolitan Exhibition Centre. 1,929 companies from 88 countries will exhibit their products and services during Posidonia next week. A total of 24 National Pavilions from Europe, North America and Asia have also confirmed their plans to showcase their maritime credentials during the event which is expected to be attended by more than 18,000 international visitors.

A programme of 68 conferences and seminars will run in parallel to offer delegates access to insightful information and knowledge imparted by an impressive array of shipping industry decision and policy makers, regulator as well as government officials from around the world. Already, 10 Vice Presidents and Ministers of maritime nations as well as the EU’s Commissioner for Transport have confirmed their plans to visit Posidonia 2022.

“We have succeeded to cover the entire exhibition space, and it is now imperative to build additional exhibition halls,” said Theodore Vokos, Managing Director, Posidonia Exhibitions S.A, the organisers of the event which this year became the first exhibition held in Greece to receive an ISO certificate attesting to its sustainability credentials thanks to a series of initiatives and improvements it has introduced, designed to reduce its environmental footprint.

“We have grown by 7% since the 2018 edition, an increase that reflects the dynamism, vigor and progress of Greek shipping which invests heavily to upgrade the quality and technology of existing vessels, diversify its offering by adapting it to the needs of the markets, and to renew its fleet with the addition of newbuilds designed to meet new regulations.”

The might and investment appetite of the Greek shipowners’ community, which controls 21% of global deadweight tonnage (dwt), are the main reasons for Posidonia’s global appeal. Greece remains the world’s largest shipowning nation with a fleet of 5.514 vessels and represents 59% of the EU-controlled fleet. Since 2019, the Greek-owned fleet grew by 7,4% and since 2014 by 45,8%.

The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Giannis Plakiotakis, said: “For more than 50 years now Posidonia has been established as the defining event that promotes the best example of creativity and productivity for Greece: shipping. The strong presence of Greek shipping everywhere in the world has a positive impact on the overall image of our country. There is no better proof of this, than the fact that for the first time in the history of IMO, at the General Assembly of last December Greece received 150 of the

157 votes of the member countries’ representatives. This vote undoubtedly reflects the global recognition of our country within the shipping industry. The equal to this recognition in the business field is confirmed by the participation in Posidonia".

“Sustainability through decarbonisation of shipping as well as the lack of deck and engine officers for the staffing of the global fleet, are the issues we should address all together, government authorities, shipping stakeholders and the industry. The Greek government fully supports the need for shipping activities to achieve zero emissions by 2050. To this end, we submit constructive proposals to the IMO and the EU, so that shipping continues to contribute to the global and the national economy, while at the same time walks the path towards decarbonisation in a realistic way, with the development of appropriate fuels and technologies, within the time schedule”, he added.

The President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping George Pateras said: “Posidonia 2022 is truly a celebration for Greek shipping and shipping in general. After the trials and tribulations of the COVID-19 restriction we are free at last to promote our industry and perceive innovative solutions to many of the issues and challenges that we will face in the coming years. We will see old friends and make new one’s while exchanging stories of our adventures over the last 4 years. Success to all exhibitors, speakers, panellists and visitors, and don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of Greece.”

Melina Travlos, President of the Union of Greek Shipowners, said: “Greek shipping is leading the way towards the energy transition with strength and will, utilizing our accumulated know-how and experience. We shape the developments and honour our leading position of 21% of the global and 59% of the European deadweight tonnage. We submit concrete, realistic and effective proposals on the challenge of green and sustainable shipping. It is clear that the return of Posidonia, after 4 years, will offer a dynamic communication platform for the most innovative and technologically advanced operating capabilities of our industry to be presented. The Union of Greek Shipowners welcomes the Posidonia exhibition, with the certainty that not only will it meet the high expectations of the international shipping community but it will actually exceed them”.

The Mayor of Piraeus, Ioannis Moralis, said: “Posidonia is of great importance for Greece, for our national economy, for the shipping industry as well as for Piraeus. Piraeus is the home and the heart of Greek shipping, the main pillar of the Greek economy and the shining star in all the world’s oceans. Posidonia highlight the optimistic, creative and extroverted spirit of our country and reflects our Municipal Authority’s vision for Piraeus as a modern city and a port equal to all major European ports. We work intensively, in close collaboration with all stakeholders, in order for our city to emerge as a modern business, tourist, shipping and commercial center, known and recognized worldwide. The economic and social reconnection of Piraeus with the sea and the port, is in the center of all our efforts.”

Another key attraction for this year’s event is the more than 30 tech startups who will be showcasing their technological innovations designed to provide digital-first solutions to various challenges and problems facing the industry.

The return of Posidonia signals the resumption of its legendary social calendar as well as that of its sports agenda of signature events such as The Posidonia Cup sailing race, the Posidonia Shipsoccer Tournament, the Posidonia Golf Tournament, the Posidonia Running Event and the new Posidonia 3x3 Basketball, where a total of some 2,700 industry professionals will participate. Proceeds from these events will be donated to various charitable and philanthropic organisations and NGOs.

Posidonia 2022 supports a number of shipping community and organisation initiatives such as the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology, Sailors’ Society, Adopt a Ship, the Public Benefit Organization of the Municipality of Piraeus, the Hatzkiriakeio Foundation, YES Forum, Isalos.net, Mercy Ships, Boroume, Doctors Without Borders, Benaki Museum and many more.

Posidonia 2022 is organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy, the Union of Greek Shipowners and the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping and with the support of the Municipality of Piraeus and the Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee.