Attica Group supports the firefighting forces for the extinguishing of the fire in Samos

blue star ferries samos

Attica Group, through its subsidiary Blue Star Ferries, stands once more by the side of the local communities it serves, helping to address the problems they face and making itself part of the solution.

Blue Star Ferries recognizing the important effort and work of our fire fighting forces for the extinguishing of the wildfire that broke out on Samos on 14 July 2021, provided free return trips for Fire Service vehicles that had been transferred to the island to assist the local firefighting forces already operating there, after having brought under complete control.

More specifically, Blue Star Ferries vessel ‘Blue Star Myconos’, which serves the Samos line, offered free transport from the island of Pythagoras for a total of 21 Fire Service vehicles and over 100 firefighters, including a number of volunteers.


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