Greek tanker hijacked off Somalia's coast

aegean II ship

Chemical tanker AEGEAN II has been hijacked by armed men in Somali waters.

According to a report by maritime consultancy Dryad Global, the 1994-built 8,100 dwt vessel is believed to have been attacked by six pirates approximately 180 nautical miles southwest of Socotra, after having mechanical issues when it was in transit from the UAE to Mogadishu.

According to Associated Press, regional official confirmed the hijacking, making it the first successful hijack in Somali waters since 2017.

“So far, this incident appears to be an isolated and opportunistic incident which seized on a vessel in a vulnerable situation, which had transited close to Somali TTWs. There remains a threat of piracy off the coast of Somalia which is credible and can manifest as it did in this instance, however contextually the threat is vastly reduced on regional highs in 2011,” Dryad Global said in the report.

The vessel is owned by Greek business Aegean Oil.



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