Another Success for Setel Hellas: SmartBox-V™ solution installed on NAVARONE S.A. fleet

SmartBox V Navarone

Setel Hellas is proud to announce that one more prominent Shipping company trusts its innovative & valuable maritime ICT Solutions. In this context and after thoroughly evaluating the available options, NAVARONE S.A., has chosen Setel Hellas’ SmartBox-V™ for deploying on its fleet.

Mr. Sakellakos, ICT Manager of Navarone S.A., stressed that “the onboard ICT infrastructure must be an extension of our shore one. Taking that as granted and considering that the high availability, the redundancy, stable performance and the centralized management of our fleet is not an option any more, we have carefully chosen the SmartBox-V™ solution of Setel Hellas that guarantees all the aforementioned along with a superior 24/7 after sales support avoiding a lock in to our air time provider”.

Setel Hellas, a global ICT provider, becomes the top choice for Shipping Companies that wish to equip their vessels with innovative and added value solutions in order to facilitate ship to shore communication, and dramatically increase the uptime of their ICT infrastructure, while minimizing the operational & administrative costs.

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