Setel Hellas’ Int.Conference “Reimagining the Maritime ICT: Setel’s Next Revolutionary Platform”

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The International Conference of Setel Hellas has been successfully concluded on Wednesday, April the 22nd, 2015 with the great participation of more than 100 attendees in collaboration with Cisco Hellas, Endress+Hauser, Furuno Hellas and Logicom Solutions. The event was held in AikateriniLaskaridis Foundation, in Piraeus.
Among the attendees were Mr. George Gavrilis, Regional Vice Governor, Regional Unit of Piraeus, Mrs. Christine Konstantinidou, adviser of the Secretary General of the Minister for the Aegean and Greek Island Policy, representatives from the New York College University, from the University of Aegean and from the University of Piraeus, as well as the President of AMMITEC, Mr. Dimitris Makris, as well as Mr. Sebastian Moore from Setel (UK) Limited. The event was introduced by the responsible of Public Relations and Communicationςof Setel Hellas, Mrs. Naki Eirini.
Theeventconsistedof 4 thematicsessions with speakers of both Setel Hellas’ executives as well as Setel Hellas’ partners.
The first session titled “Reimagining The Maritime ICT”, consisted of executives of Setel Hellas. Mr. GeorgeChristakos, SalesExecutive at Setel Hellas, presented the administrative and operational benefits that«SmartBox-V™» offers, providing seamless and unattended connectivity to the shore by giving the flexibility of remote access, maintenance, support, crew welfare, data synchronization, & VoIP telephony with the most efficient bandwidth utilization.Mr. EfthymiosChaldeakis,SalesDirectoratSetel Hellas, presentedthebenefitsthat«SeeMBox-V»offerstotheship, as aninnovative telemetry solution thatensures a sustainable energy efficiency planning, enables information accuracy by eliminating human error possibility, complies with statutory requirements, maintains a unified fleet-wide view of information and enables decision support processes based on accurate information. Mr. AlexandrosKaouris, TechnicalDirectoratSetelHellas, supportedthat «Intelligent Vessel™» is an innovative platformthat retains the value of the investment in onboard IT, helps with the remote resolution of issues with minimum crew intervention and maintains its adaptability on requirements and independence from Software vendors. Mr.AntonyRapp, supported the necessity of Maritime Telemedicine Solution on board that aims to protect the human life, highlightingits social character together with significant economic benefits that the company earns by adopting such a solution.Concludingthefirstsession,Mr. Chaldeakisanalyzed that thanks to the Maritime Surveillance Technology Solution, a robust & efficient solution due to harsh and unpredicted environment on-board vessels, there is compliance with Safety & Security procedures, there is also awareness against malicious access, Anti-Piracy protection, and Safeguard Crew during dangerous shifts, ensuring remote access from Office.
During the second session,distinguished partners of Setel Hellas discussed one important question:“How the Innovation can be accelerated through strong partnership”. Mr. VangelisAsvestas, DistributionAccountManageratCiscoHellas, emphasized that the cooperation of the two companies with the SmartBox-V ™ powered by Cisco, an awarded and certified solution by Cisco, has been established as a highly competitive solution in the global shipping environment incorporating any new technology that is associated with the web interface and the "Cloud".Mr. Yannis Papaefthymiou, Managing Director at Furuno Hellas, supported that through the cooperation of the two companies promotes the innovation in order to helpthe common customers to improve their worldwide operational and support processes and become more competitive.Mr. Frank Thorn, Business Development Manager in Marine Metering at Endress+Hauser Switzerland, presented the “keys”needed to achieve a further increase of the efficiency that Setel Hellas and Endres+Hauser common solutions promote to the demanding maritime environment.
Duringthethirdsession, Prof. GregoryYovanof, PhDProfessoratAthensInformationTechnologyUniversity, noted the absence of MaritimeClustersin Greece, underlining at the same time that the condition for Greece in initiating a Shipping Cluster is thecommon effort of the Private Sector, the Public Sector as well as the Academic-Research Community.
The event has been concluded with the fourth session of the International Conference. During this session, Mr. Chaldeakis presented a complete case study based on MT Aretea, a Hellenic owned Tanker vessel that was build and delivered by DSME Shipyard in Korea, just a few weeks ago. Setel Hellas was the prime contractor for the ICT solutions onboard this vessel in cooperation with the Customer’s Site Office and DSME engineers.
ACocktail Reception followedwithliveJazz music, where a lottery took place involving all our guests. The lucky ticket was selected by Mrs. Athena Rokopou, Sales Consultant at Logicom Solutions, apartner of Setel Hellas and sponsor of the lottery prize.


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