“Scrubbers 360ο”: Reliable answers to a top challenge

SCRUBBERS360 Mr Dong Jianfu Director SMDERI

CSIC presentation attracts key stakeholders of the shipping industry

The Shanghai Marine Diesel Research Institute’s (SMDERI) Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) solution, represented by Glafcos Marine Ltd., offers a reliable answer to a top challenge faced by the global shipping industry today: the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap regulation, which reshapes the world-wide shipping industry landscape.

That was the central message of the “Scrubbers 360ο” event, organised by the Chinese CSIC at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, on Wednesday 12 December, coordinated by Glafcos, aiming to bring to the Greek maritime industry a 360o view on the Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (Scrubber) as a top choice to achieve SOx regulatory compliance.
The industry’s high interest for the event, as well as the different perspectives presented by stakeholders representing all aspects of the maritime sector, certify the success of this CSIC initiative.

As Leonidas Drikos, Managing Director, Glafcos Marine, said, “shipping companies are currently in the time pressing position to decide on the solution to be followed, either utilization of compliant fuels or EGCS installation, and to answer most probably a more difficult question regarding the EGCS maker that they shall trust.” And he added: “The SMDERI solution offers a reliable answer to such concerns, since:
• the experience of SMDERI and continuous R&D in exhaust gas cleaning solutions ensure both the operational efficiency and reliability of proposed solutions,
• the design principle has been also certified by the Classification Societies, through the Engineering Prototype Approval process,
• EGCS material and manufacturing process are selected to ensure long life system reliability,
• the major and critical components are supplied by reputable and reliable makers, basis to customer’s needs and requirements,
• the World Wide After Sales Network has been ensured, to cover all operational needs and
• the Strong and Stable Financial background of SMDERI can ensure the after sales support in the future.”
Mr Drikos continued, focusing on the competitive advantages of the SMDERI solution: “CSIC presents a reliable solution of high production capacity but also of an equally high, European level quality, making the best use of the technological know-how of the Chinese manufacturer in very competitive terms.”

“Although apparently simple, scrubber technology presents significant scientific, technical and engineering challenges and opportunities”, said Dr George Skevis, Principal Researcher of the Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). He added: “The Greek R&D Community in close collaboration with the Greek and International Shipping Industry can provide innovative solutions for the customization and optimization of scrubber systems in terms of increased emission mitigation efficiency and reduced capital and operating costs.”

Antony Vourdachas, Principal Vessel Performance Analyst, ABS, stated: “The upcoming 2020 global sulfur cap and the associated uncertainty is creating complexity for ship operators when markets are already challenging. However, developments in the last MEPC (73) may provide assistance to them. There are many potential solutions to the problems faced by the operators, but scrubbers seem to be near the top of the list for many, especially in the short term”.

From his point of view, Loukas Kaniaros, from CHANDRIS HELLAS shipping company, said: “We are well aware of regulation 14 of annex vi, which requires ships to use fuel oil with sulphur content not exceeding that stipulated in regulations 14.1 and 14.4. Nevertheless regulation 4 allows the use of alternative compliance method, including usage of scrubbers. In using such appropriate arrangements (scrubbers), there would be no substantial constraint on the sulphur content of the fuel oil used. To summarize all the above, from a ship owner’s perspective, we can briefly analyze most of the technical issues raised and some significant concerns involved when selecting a scrubber.”

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