“17th Navigator 2017-The Shipping Decision Makers Forum"

17th Navigator 2017 The Shipping Decision Makers Forum

Welcoming remarks by PCCI’s Precident Vassilis Korkidis in the event

Thank you for the invitation to address a welcoming remark today in the 17th Navigator 2017 - The shipping decision makers forum.
I would like very shortly to introduce and navigate you to a new effort. The creation of the first Greek electronic platform "MARITIME HELLAS" which is a joint initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, the Union of Greek Shipowners and the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The maritime cluster was launched in early 2017 and constitutes an innovation in Greek shipping. It includes seven main categories divided into over 100 subcategories:
1. Ship management companies
2. Maritime technology, research and education
3. Manufacturers and dealers of marine equipment
4. Sea Tourism
5. Maritime Tradition and water sports
6. Administrative Services & Services to Shipping
7. Supply Chain & Logistics

The operation of the first maritime cluster is a top priority for the development and progress of the national economy. Piraeus is not a random choice, since it is a strategic junction bringing together two important pillars, shipping and logistics. Supply companies throughout Greece are mainly SMEs - small and medium-sized companies, a large number of which are very well organized with modern facilities - warehouses, their own distribution network and certified as required.

Approximately 800 are the Companies registered in PCCI and engaged in supplying and servicing all types of vessels, regarding equipment, repair, maintenance and safety of vessels at sea. Their turnover, in 2016, amounts to 270 million euro and could exceed 500 million euro if the Ministry of Economy was in line with the European standards in terms of widening VAT tax exemptions and removing bureaucratic obstacles.

The 12 objectives and benefits of participating in the "Maritime Hellas" are:
• To promote entrepreneurship in the field of Greek shipping
• To bring together the members of the wider maritime community
• To transfer know-how
• To establish cooperation networks within and outside Greece
• Instant and timely information
• Easier access to new technologies
• Access to specialized products or services
• Development of innovation
• Enhanced extroversion
• To increase the readability and strength of the company profile
• Easier access to and communication with other shipping companies
• Indirect advertising of the member through the central advertising campaign and continuous promotion of www.maritimehellas.org in the global marine market.

The added value for a Greek company participating in the maritime cluster is the "brand name" of the Greek Shipping itself, the world's first and largest shipping force. Being a Greek myself, earning my living from the wealth of the sea, I ask you to keep in mind just two words: "MARITIME HELLAS".

I wish successful works at the today’s shipping forum, congratulations to the organizers and a warm welcome in Piraeus to all the participants.

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