Hapag-Lloyd Cruises to return to Great Lakes region in 2020

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Hapag-Lloyd's new expedition ships will sail in polar and tropical waters from 2019

New expedition ship Hanseatic Inspiration is to cruise in North America’s Great Lakes region in 2020, marking the first time Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ will have sailed to the region in a decade.

Hanseatic Inspiration, which is being constructed by Vard at both its Tulcea (Romania) and Langsten (Norway) shipyards, will be able to pass through the narrow locks on the Great Lakes due to her retractable bridge wing.

Set to debut in October 2019, Hanseatic Inspiration will be built to Polar Ice Class 6 and will accommodate up to 230 passengers, or up to 199 passengers on Antarctic expeditions. The newbuild will be equipped with SCR catalytic converters to decrease nitrogen oxide emissions by almost 95%, and Promas rudders with a special propeller to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The ship’s hull has been designed to achieve the maximum reduction in fuel consumption for the propulsion system and cut overall bunker consumption. Infra-red ice detectors will enable crew to spot ice at night and in misty conditions.

Onboard, Hanseatic Inspiration will have three restaurants, an extensive wellness and fitness area, two extendable glass balconies and a marina for watersports. This will include 16 onboard Zodiacs and E-Zodiacs with eco-friendly electric drive systems, which will be used for remote expeditions.

On 14 October 2019, Hanseatic Inspiration will embark on her 15-day maiden voyage from Antwerp, Belgium to Tenerife, Spain, via Honfleur, France; the Channel Islands, Guernsey; Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Casablanca, Morocco; Porto Santo Island and Funchal, Madeira. In addition to Arctic cruises in the European summer and expeditions to the Antarctic in the European winter, Hanseatic Inspiration will also sail various length cruises in the Frisian Islands, the Amazon, the Chilean fjords, the Azores and Cape Verde. All cruises will be conducted in both English and German.

Sister ship Hanseatic Nature, which will debut with a 13-day maiden voyage from Hamburg, Germany to Lisbon, Portugal in April 2019, will only offer cruises conducted in German. Guests on the four subsequent nine-day cruises will also have the opportunity sail in European waters. Hanseatic Nature will also embark on expedition cruises in the Amazon, South America, the arctic and Antarctic.

Source: cruiseandferry.net

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