1 melbourne port

The lease was reportedly sold for $9.7 billion and consortium members include Global Infrastructure Partners, Future Land and Queensland Investment Corporation.

Premier Daniel Andrews, said: "To say this is a good day and this is a pleasant surprise is understatement. This is a massive vote of confidence, an almost $10 billion vote of confidence, in what is without any doubt the strongest-performing economy in our nation. This

1 cruise Russia Saint Petersburg

The onion-domed spires and world-class art of St. Petersburg, Russia, have catapulted it to the top of Cruise Critic's first-ever Cruisers' Choice Destination Awards.

The awards, which are based on consumer reviews from Cruise Critic's website, will be given out today to cruise ship destinations across 15 regions. Other top winners include Paris, which was rated the best river cruise

1 hanjin shipping

The collapse of Hanjin Shipping (117930.KS) will boost the cost to U.S. businesses and consumers of a wide range of imported goods, from furniture and clothing to fresh fruit and frozen meat, according to federal agencies, shippers and retailers.

With Hanjin's future in doubt, carriers have announced they will hike container freight rates by as much as 50 percent beginning next month as retailers scramble to secure shipping ahead

european port policy

After 22 years from the introduction of the landlord system (1994 Port Reform), the Italian Government approved a new reform law that is going to further reshape the organization of the whole port architecture at national level.

The current 24 Port Authorities (PAs), together with other 33 minor ports, are going to be substituted by 15 Port System Authorities. In line with the rationale of the Law, PSAs inherit the duties

1 finnlines

The Arbitral Tribunal appointed by the Chamber of Commerce in Helsinki has set at € 18.00 per share the fair redemption price for the shares of the Finnish company Finnlines Plc. The arbitral award was issued in conclusion of the process of redemption of the minority shares by the Grimaldi Group.

The total number of shares of Finnlines, 100% owned by the Group Grimaldi, is 51,503,141, with a market capitalization of € 927,056,538.

1 underwater hydra

"Autotomy" is a subaquatic sculptural project made in collaboration with Hydra Dive Center in Greece. The work can be experienced in Vlychos Beach on Hydra Island until September 10.

Autotomy (from the Greek auto”self” and tome “severing”) is defined as the reflex separation of a part from the body. This spontaneous division occurs with certain animals when facing an imminent threat. This automatic release, letting go a

1 Sebastian Jurgens Eugenio Grimaldi e Martino Conticelli

An agreement has been signed recently between the Venice Port Authority, the Lübeck Port Authority (Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft - LHG) and the Grimaldi Group for the creation of an intermodal connection (ship + train + ship) via the ports of Venice and Lübeck to connect the Adriatic and the Baltic Seas, meaning Sweden, Finland and Russia with southern Italy and Greece. The joint goal of the involved parties

1 dragon hole

In case you aren’t already well versed in the realm of deep blue holes, aka oceanic sinkholes, there’s a massive one near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea scientists recently measured to be 987 feet deep. Dubbed the “Dragon Hole,” it’s 300 feet deeper than Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas, leading researchers to believe it could be the deepest blue hole on the planet.

Because a hole of that depth is far too pressurized for

1 Shipping emissions

Shipping companies must be prepared to begin monitoring and reporting vessel greenhouse gas emissions for ships of more than 500gt loading or unloading at European ports. Owners will need plans for monitoring, and will need to submit verified emissions reports to the European Union for the whole voyage.

This is part of the EU’s monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) regulation for CO2 emissions that comes into force