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A report by the Italian Ministry of Defence warned that ISIS had already taken control of Libyan ports and boats and, “could repeat the scenario that has dominated the maritime region between Somalia and Aden for the last ten years”.

It added: “Speed boats could attack fishing boats, cruise ships, small merchant ships, as well as coast guards in this case more to capture prisoners to exhibit in orange

Grimaldi lines carsWith the deployment of a fourth vessel, the Group improves the quality of the service offered between the Mediterranean and West Africa Thanks to the deployment of an additional vessel, the Grimaldi Group proceeds, as from today, with the further enhancement of its Mediterranean Express service (MEX) which regularly links the Mediterranean to West Africa.
The m/vessel “Grande Ghana” (built in 2009) joins the other three vessels already deployed on the

european shipping week 2015

European Shipping Week will take place over the course of the week of 2-6 of March 2015 and will feature a variety of events.
European Shipping Week is intended to be a platform where policy-makers from the main EU institutions will meet and engage with European shipowners and other stakeholders from the shipping sector. The focus will be on shipping, in all its different

cypnaval 2015

CYPNAVAL 2015 is a unique event across the Mediterranean Sea and has an aim to enhance the protection of the Blue Economy!
The Conference is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus and is supported by the JRCC of Larnaca, the Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean and DSEi 2015.
The Conference will focus on a range of key topics surrounding Offshore security and

costa concordia dismandling

More than three years after the Costa Concordia ran aground in Giglio, the effort to dismantle and recycle the Costa Concordia continues nearly around-the-clock in Italy.
The Costa Concordia arrived in Genoa in July 2014 following the historic salvage project. Since then, the Costa Concordia has been moored in the Port of Prà Voltri, Genoa, where the initial phases of

ship recyclingShip owners and fleet managers are invited to meet and discuss with ship recyclers on 12 March 2015, while Europort Istanbul will host the ISRA Ship Recycling Seminar & Matchmaking, organized by the International Ship Recycling Association.

The ship recycling market is very volatile while at the same time new European legislation is being implemented. What is the actual status of the IMO Hong Kong Convention and what is the

ship crossing

9th - 15th of February, People and Planet's Go Green Week, set up to raise awareness and demand stronger action to tackle the climate crisis. Here in the shipping industry, we’re certainly trying our best to be more environmentally friendly. But how far have we actually got, and is it enough?

piracy somaloi 2For all of human history, the maritime environment has presented a complex and challenging operating environment. For most people, shipping remains an invisible industry despite its critical role in today’s global economy. There was a brief spike in public interest a few years ago when Somali pirates provided a modern-day outlet for coverage about contemporary swashbuckling on the high seas. But pirate activity off the Horn of Africa has ebbed considerably, and with it

ship toxic

Child labour and low environmental standards in Bangladesh shipbreaking yards

A video published by the American magazine VICE, “Where giant cargo ships go to die”, available on its website, shows that both the working conditions and the measures to protect the environment in the shipbreaking yards in Chittagong, Bangladesh, are far from being adequate.